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What is Wallsaver?

Wallsaver is an online art marketplace.  We sell work by talented, emerging artists from around the world for an affordable price!


Our Mission

Wallsaver was created with a simple mission: to connect talented, emerging artists with everyday consumers and provide those consumers with an easy and affordable way to fill their walls with great art!  We think it’s kind of a shame that art collecting has become a pastime for only the super-rich.  After all, art should be able to be enjoyed by everyone – even people on a budget.  Not only that, but with every purchase, our buyers are helping to establish the careers of emerging artists that could really use the support.  And hey, they could even become famous someday 😉


Why buy art?

We’ve all been there:  you move into a new place and you want to put stuff on the walls.  Sure, you could opt for that Power Puff Girls poster you so ironically enjoyed hanging in your college dorm, or you could start collecting amazing, original art for an affordable price!  One thing is for sure: blank walls are a no-go.  Browse our collection now and we guarantee you’ll find something that fits your aesthetic and your budget!