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How do I submit my work?

Submitting your work to Wallsaver is a very simple and straight-forward process!  But first, you’ll have to apply.  Send an email to info@wallsaver.art with your name, a link to your work (or a pdf presentation) and a short bio.  We’ll review everything and get back to you shortly afterward!  Once you’re accepted, it’s as simple as sending over high-res images and detailed descriptions of the work you’d like to include on the site.  The only stipulation is that you price your pieces under $2000 and ideally in various price tiers (i.e. $200, $500, $800..).  This ensures that the work remains accessible for buyers within a budget.


Also, please note that the artist is fully responsible for shipping the work to the buyer once it sells. For that reason, it’s recommended that the artist take shipping costs into consideration when pricing their work.


Message us with your name, a short bio and a link to your portfolio (or a pdf document with your work) at info@wallsaver.art



What happens after someone buys my work?

The moment your work sells, we will contact you via email or text/phone (whichever you prefer).  You are fully responsible for shipping out your work.  Once your work reaches the buyer and there are no complications (such as significantly damaged work), we will transfer 60% of the sale price to you.  We don’t charge any fees for listing your work on the site, so the 40% we take goes toward our own costs of operating the site and getting the word out (advertising).  Again, you are fully responsible for shipping costs, so please take that into consideration when submitting your work in terms of pricing.  Also, please note that you once you submit your work to Wallsaver you are still free to sell the same work independently.  We are just a platform to help you facilitate sales.  If you do sell work independently that’s also listed on Wallsaver, you must notify us immediately.  If an out-of-stock work is sold, we’ll refund the buyer’s money and charge the artist an inconvenience fee.